A Natural Beginning

Our Recovery Through Nature story starts with Michael Schumacher, life-long passion for discovering how the mind works and how nature has the power to influence mental health. With a background in psychology, philosophy, psychotherapy, and natural therapy, our founder, Michael Schumacher, is committed to enhancing and augmenting traditional mental health approaches (prescribed pharmaceuticals, lifestyle changes, talk therapy, and diet) by reconnecting people with nature.

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We will never espouse that all electronics, self-help books, prescribed medications, or hot fudge sundaes are evil, and you need to detox your mind by hugging trees. Although hugging trees is a healthy option, and hot fudge sundaes may be processed food, but they are so good! 


We will never tell you to: 


  • Go to your nearest park, seaside, or “nature spot,” and all your problems and illnesses will disappear. 

  • Stop your medication. 

  • Believe that Recovery Through Nature or Nature Therapy is the necessary answer to your suffering. 

  • Buy any miracle powders, books, or any other accessories that promise to cure all your physical and mental struggles. 


Substantial scientific evidence tells us that regular exposure to natural settings while using various other treatment approaches has a significantly positive effect on your emotions and mental well-being.


Recovery Through Nature is not only using nature as a basis for treatment but also other natural methods, such as mental detoxes and lifestyle changes. We empower our clients by providing a complete overview of what treatments and new scientific research approaches (natural and medical) are currently available, and we help find the right treatment methods for each client, using nature, but not only nature.  



Over the course of five years, working with and researching neuro-challenged children, Michael witnessed the positive impact “nature exposure” has on virtually every aspect of their mental and physical well-being. Results from Michael’s research proves that regular exposure to nature can significantly increase cognitive abilities and positive emotions in neuro-challenged children. 


We do not make any guarantees or promises that we can cure all your mental and physical ills, but we will give you: 

  • Knowledge about your options. After working with us, you will not only understand what Nature Therapy is and how it works, but also you will have a full understanding of what other therapies are available.

  • You will know the difference between Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Existential Therapy, Adlerian or Person-Centered Therapy, and many more. ​

  • An informed choice of what therapy, if therapy at all, might be most suitable for you, based on statistics and recent research. 

  • Knowledge about what medications are available, their success rates based on scientific research, and for which treatments each medication works best. You will be up-to-date with the newest research in the field of neuroscience, psychology, and psychiatry without needing a dictionary for every other word. 

  • Knowledge about what alternative and natural treatments are available, including Recovery Through Nature, and their effectiveness base on scientific research and evidence. 

  • Knowledge to have an informative discussion in regards to your treatment and your health with your therapist or general practitioner.  

  • Opportunities for online treatment, weekend courses, and live seminars in the US, UK, and Europe.  

  • A monthly newsletter to help you stay informed on the most recent research and development in the mental health field. 

  • We do not keep any profits! We will reinvest every penny back into mental health research projects and free seminars. 


Our goal is to give everyone access to the tools and resources they need to overcome and improve their own mental health struggles. If you meet someone who has cancer and ask that person about their disease, they will be able to tell you the exact diagnosis, prognosis, treatment options, medications, medical terms, and alternative or additional treatment approaches. If you ask a person who suffers from clinical depression the same question, the odds are high that they will not be able to name what drug or drugs they are taking.

They will what remember the doctor vaguely told them, “I am on an SSIR antidepressant because of a ‘chemical imbalance,’ and I have six scheduled counselling sessions.” Cancer treatments often involve the whole family, but mental health treatments often leave the support network out of the treatment plan.

Forest Trees

We treat and educate the whole person who has a mental illness and that person’s support network. We want to take the stigma out of mental health issues.


Mental health issues are just as real and significant as physical health issues, and treating the entire person is imperative.


Our goal is to educate people, and their loved ones about various treatment options and approaches, including natural and medicinal ones. Once clients and their families have the necessary information and understanding they need, they can take their power back and be an active part of their own treatment.