With every course, RTN offers highly recommended mental health nutrition and diet guidelines. Our individually-tailored nutrition and diet plans are based on preventive medical evidence and dietary treatment methods designed for depression, anxiety and general mental health.

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A recent study explored how a combination of dietary, lifestyle and behavioural modifications can positively affect mental health. Over a 12-week period, 500 adult men and women with depression, anxiety and other conditions were asked to incorporate a plant-based diet, daily exercise and mindfulness techniques into their daily lives. 


The research study found improvements in depression, anxiety and all other conditions, with the majority of participants reporting substantial benefits to their mental health. A six month follow up indicated that these benefits persisted in most of the participants if they chose to carry on with the diet. 

These results demonstrate that an intervention of diet, exercise, lifestyle and behaviour modifications may provide considerable benefits to those suffering from moderate to severe depression, anxiety and other conditions.

Substantial improvements were reported by the majority of participants who were diagnosed with moderate to severe depression. Over 60 per cent of participants reported large improvement or full remission of symptoms after changing their diet.

Based on this study, RTN has developed and tested an effective dietary treatment approach that aims to prevent and treat depression and anxiety.

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