Neringa Schumacher is an accredited and certified CBT and NLP Life Coach. Neringa has a lifelong passion for helping clients overcome difficulties in life and achieve optimal performance by amalgamating Yoga Life Coaching with Neuro-linguistic Programming and Cognitive  Behavioural Therapy Coaching.

Neringa is a Certified Reiki Master and a Yoga Trainer (Diploma).

Neringa believes that mental wellbeing can only be achieved by applying a holistic approach to coaching, adapting to the client's needs and not adhering to one particular methodology.


Interests/ Specialties:


Neringa has a particular interest in Alternative Therapy, Asian Mythology and Stoicism. Neringa is practising Kaizen's Constant and Never-ending Improvement (CANI) by continuously gaining new knowledge in Philosophy, Psychology, and Alternative Therapy.  



CBT Life Coach (Cert.)

NLP Life Coach (Cert.)

Yoga Trainer (Dipl.)

Yoga Life Coach (Cert.)

Reiki Master (Cert.)

Why Recovery through Nature (RTN)?


As the CO-Founder of Recovery Through Nature (RTN), I have had the exciting opportunity to be part of the start-up team, applying my passion and knowledge of research and Life & Wellness Coaching every day.

I strongly believe in our ethos of RTN, providing exceptional services to our clients by utilizing several therapies and coaching styles.