Making Donations To Help Fund
Our Research Library

Although we know that our innovative RTN programmes are a leading new breakthrough in mental health treatment, we also believe that there is a constant chance for improvement -- and that’s why we reinvest all revenues in further research for new methods of treatment, including through funding our ever-growing research library.

Our extensive collection includes a broad range of important books, newsletters, scientific research papers, critical research reviews, book reviews, and more literature dedicated to the vital topic of improving mental wellbeing that we focus on every day. 

The materials help to inform our RTN mental detox programme; one of the most exciting new strategies for improving mental wellbeing. We don’t promise a cure-all with our programme. But we can assure you that we’ve done the homework necessary to craft a unique recovery and treatment programme that’s tailored to each client’s individual needs.

College Library

Our team has spent countless hours in the library researching and revising our RTN programmes to make sure it provides the help they need. And the library plays a vital role in helping our clients understand their treatment because it gives them access to various therapy reviews and their benefits and limitations. Our clients at their leisure may also examine evaluations related to medication effectiveness, treatment persistence and potential complications, with assistance from our team to explain research in simple terms.

Managed by a dedicated team of university students, our other funding sources for the library comes from  from outside donations and our profits from the courses we offer. But we can always use additional assistance to help grow our collection and provide one of the most comprehensive libraries available for researching mental health.

Your generous contribution can help us to significantly expand our range of materials, which in turn creates interesting new research opportunities to help with the future evolution of RTN Mental Health Solutions. By making a donation today you are not only ensuring the future of the library but also guaranteeing that our programme stays up to date with the latest teachings on improving mental health so that we can continue to guide our clients to a better tomorrow.