Chris Stavri is a BACP Accredited & Registered Psychotherapist, a Spiritual Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Lecturer, and Author of the self-help book Know You Can Change - A Path to Psychological and Spiritual Development.


As a therapist, Chris works holistically, understanding the person as a whole, rather than just looking at one part of the person; that is, he works on integrating the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of a human being. Chris believes that to achieve well-being, the entire person needs to be taken into consideration.


As part of his therapy, Chris incorporates the Tree of Life's ancient wisdom with its universal principles into his practice. As far as Chris is aware, no other therapist in the world uses this method for psychotherapy. As such, Chris is the founder of the Tree of Life Psychotherapy (TOLP) and a teacher of the TOLP and a master in his field of work.


Chris has worked in Central London's Harley Street and set up his practice called Harley Street Counselling. Through his practice, he has met a wide variety of different people from all walks of life across the world and helped them overcome all types of emotional and psychological disturbances that call for attention and healing. It is only through the deep understanding of those emotions, thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that an individual can be in a position to heal. Chris has always had a deep passion for helping humanity and is blessed to do that through spiritual psychotherapy.

Interests/ Specialties:


Chris specialises in individual psychotherapy, couples counselling, supervision and group therapy. Chris is a humanistic, holistic, integrative practitioner, which means that he integrates various approaches to meet the needs of each individual or group. Chris has a particular interest in helping people understand their psyche, soul and spiritual journey and find their true meaning in life.



Chris is a (BACP) British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Accredited/Registered Psychotherapist and qualified Supervisor. His primary qualifications are his life experience, many years of practice with a wide variety of clients, and spiritual wisdom and connection.



2015 Author of the self-help book 'Know You Can Change: A Path to Psychological and Spiritual Development.'

 Academic Qualifications:


2014 Certificate in Clinical Supervision Regent’s University, London


2010 BACP Accredited & Registered British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy


2007 Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling CPPD Counselling School, London


2006 Bereavement Training Course Harrow Bereavement Care


2005 Certificate in Humanistic Integrative Counselling CPPD Counselling School, London 2005 Certificate in Working with Survivors of Abuse CPPD Counselling School, London 2002 Extended Introduction to Counselling City Lit College, London

Why Recovery through Nature (RTN)?


I immediately warmed to Michael Schumacher, the founder of Recovery Through Nature (RTN), and I sensed that his all-around holistic approach deeply resonated with my belief of how therapy should be given, in order to provide support for individuals and groups alike.

Besides that, I felt a strong desire to be part of this exciting project toward better health for humanity.

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