Recovery Through Nature has been successfully providing alternative therapeutic treatment and mental illness prevention for depression, anxiety and behavioural disorders since 2017. Our therapy programmes offer a unique approach to mental health. We use nature as both a therapy setting and treatment, combined with light physical exercises, mental detoxes, psychoeducational classes and individually tailored diet plans based on the newest scientific evidence.

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PTSD Mental health concept, Psychologist

Recovery Through Nature is not an agency with thousands of therapists in our network. All our staff members are carefully chosen and highly qualified in the fields of nature therapy, nutrition, fitness, psychology, psychotherapy and coaching. We do not outsource; all our staff are directly trained and employed by us. 

Our research library, which includes a variety of valuable articles and newsletters, is managed by students from universities in Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom and paid for through the donations and courses that we offer. 

Recovery Through Nature is eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health by empowering our clients through seminars and online tailored courses, teaching them to confront and cope with most mental illnesses.