RTN has been successfully providing alternative treatment and mental illness prevention for depression, anxiety and behavioural disorders since 2017. Our therapy programmes and individual therapy sessions offer a unique approach to mental health.

We are not an agency with thousands of therapists in our network. Every therapist and coach working or collaborating with Recovery Through Nature is an expert in their field, treating and preventing mental illnesses. We all share the same ethos and passion for helping clients manage and ultimately overcome their mental health struggles.

RTN eliminates the stigma surrounding mental health by empowering our clients through online therapy and online tailored courses to confront and cope with most mental illnesses.

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Successful Work Team

Most recently, RTN joined forces with a team of leading therapists and life coaches, offering tailored mental health solutions to businesses and their employees by delivering individual and group counselling/ therapy, access to a 24/7 mental health crises centre, mental health awareness days, mental health toolbox talks (online) and stress management courses, peak performance coaching and executive stress reduction seminars and individual coaching.

Our overall aim is to create a positive, creative and healthy work environment and reduce costs associated with employees being off work due to mental illnesses, eliminating job dissatisfaction and increasing productivity.